Your Belief Filter, Perception, and How It Effects Intentional Manifestation

I’ve focused many blog posts on perception, what it is and what it is not. Today I’d like to visit the topic again because it is such a stumbling block to intentional manifestation.

First, just for a moment glance around you, smell the air, touch something near you, listen to the sounds in the background. These are you physical senses, they make up part of your perception but they are not the complete picture. Consider what happens when you look out the window and see a tree shedding it’s leaves, a cloudy sky, or a bird on the windowsill.

Seeing, hearing, tasting, or touching (all physical actions) are only part of perceiving. When you take in a visual image, a taste, a physical sensation, or a sound, it is entered into the brain (database) and run through a program which quickly compares them to those held in memory, contrasts them with other similar experiences, brings up past memories, thoughts, and emotions held at those times and then finally it run’s all of this data through your Belief Filter. Your belief filter is your inner guidance of what is not only true but what is possible. These are the adopted beliefs of your identity.

So as you sit and look outside and perceive the scene you are not only seeing what is now, but a compilation of many many other instances of similar experiences combined with the current information. Any information not in alignment with your adopted belief system is filtered OUT and not perceived. Thoughts & emotions rise depending upon all of this information.

What this means is that you are not perceiving truly. When the brain compares, contrasts, and includes past experiences to you, it actually render’s what is now into what was. The present moment cannot be contained in the past. To see with new eyes, to hear with new ears, or to see with the eyes of a child requires circumventing this packaging of information with past associations and beliefs. It requires that you be completely present & open. This is aptly described in the New Testament as being born again, in this moment. It is a complete release from memory, from mental associations, from beliefs, and from arising emotions. Tolle describes it as THE NOW, and ‘A Course In Miracles’ dubs it the HOLY INSTANT.

One of my favorite quotes about perceptions is found in ‘A Course In Miracles’, chapter 11, section VIII:

The End of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven. The reinterpretation of the world is the transfer of all perception to knowledge.

The Bible tells you to become as little children. Little children recognize that they do not understand what they perceive, and so they ask what it means. Do not make the mistake of believing that you understand with you perceive, for its meaning is lost to you. Yet the Holy Spirit has saved its meaning for you, and if you will let Him interpret it, He will restore to you what you have thrown away. Yet while you think you know its meaning, you will see no need to ask it of Him.

You do not know the meaning of anything you perceive. Not one thought you hold is wholly true. The recognition of this is your firm beginning. You are not misguided; you have accepted no guide at all. Instruction in perception is your great need, for you understand nothing. Recognize this but do not accept it, for understanding is your inheritance. Perceptions are learned, and you are not without a teacher. Yet your willingness to learn of Him depends on your willingness to question everything you learned of yourself, for you who learned amiss should not be your own teacher.

No one can withhold truth except from himself.

So in essence, we see only what we believe, and most of us believe 100% of what we see. But, the TRUTH or the real REALITY is not our perception of it. Our individual reality is completely our own and is formed by us and fed to us through our belief filter and past associations. Everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is created by and through our beliefs about what is true and real, therefor everything we perceive is a reflection of who & what we are at our deepest level, our ego formed beliefs.

To break away from this circular manifestation cycle, we must enter into the unfiltered NOW, the present moment or Holy Instant. Tolle advocates using your breathe, meditation, and a continuous watchfulness of thought. Similarly ACIM advises to let go of the past, look with new eyes, and ask constantly what it is you are perceiving and what it really means. If we ask ourselves what it means, and allow ourselves an instant to become aware, our perceptions will show us all exactly what it is we truly believe. Each thought, emotion, and perception is the witness to what we hold true for ourselves and our reality, and there can be no change in thought or reality without first a change in our belief filter.

Giving Birth to Your Desires

as originally posted in 3/2007

Every possible possibility you could ever desire or choose to experience already exists as a potential reality (seed) for you. Your job is not to create things from scratch, it is to decide what you desire to experience, and bring that forth (from the pool of potential reality) into manifest reality.

When you know exactly what that state of being is which you desire to experience, only then can the process of manifestation begin. You do not need to know HOW it will happen, you don’t need a “Game Plan” or a “Goal Sheet” or “Time Frame” to bring your desire about, you simply need to know the end result of your desire.

For instance, if you want to be out of debt, your ultimate desire is really financial freedom. If you want physical healing, your ultimate desire is good health. And likewise, if you long to be married or find that “Special” someone, what you truly desire is to love and be loved.

You certainly do not desire more DEBT, ILLNESS, or LONELINESS , so therefor you must first stop observing those states (you do not desire) as your reality. To stop observing a state as your reality, you re-focus your thoughts upon the end result (financial freedom/perfect health, or love) rather than the current circumstance. No matter what state your physical senses tell you is true for you at this moment, it is essential you not invest any thought energy into those things which you do not wish to continue to experience.

I was raised in the Christian religion and in our church we called this “Rebuking Evil”, and I still very much like the idea of rebuking those things which are not as I desire them to be. The way I do this is to stop myself whenever I have a thought which does not align with my desire and I say out loud to that thought, “I rebuke you, get thee behind me!”.

Now I think most Christians use this terminology when addressing what they perceive as the “Devil” but, no matter - I find that it has an energy for me, and It empowers me to push those unwanted thoughts behind me or out of my awareness, so that I can move ahead and choose only those thoughts which better align with my desires.

Next, you must substitute thoughts of your preferred state in place of the state you are now withdrawing thought from. Just swap them out. Push the undesired perceptions and thoughts aside and fill that space with the NEW THOUGHT. You need to substitute financial freedom for debt, health for illness, and love for loneliness - within your thoughts. You must perceive them through imagination as if they exist for you NOW, before they can become an objective reality.

Picture within your mind’s eye a “Scene” which would happen or play itself out once your desire has become realized. One example might be you holding a receipt in your hand that says “Paid in Full” or perhaps you see your spouse and hear him/her say how good it feels to be financially free. Maybe you see yourself in a white gown at your reception throwing the bouquet. The point is that you place yourself in your desired state NOW, within your thoughts through imagination. There are many ways to visualize this, and when you have one specific SCENE in which you can place yourself (within your imagination) and visualize the act of attainment, that is all you need.

The way conscious creation gives birth to your desire is really no different than how all birth happens, through the sowing of a seed. Consciousness (thought substance) impregnates itself (through desire), and gives birth to its likeness in MATTER/FORM, so to speak. When you desire, you plant that (seed or idea) within the subconscious mind (womb), then through visualization and imagination you assume that state of being or having that which you desire, and in consciousness it is conceived and develops into form/reality. When it is fully developed (accepted/believed by you as true) and able to sustain itself in matter, it is delivered to you (manifestation/creation) in this world of form and substance.

Obviously, if your thoughts are focused on debt then that is what you will beget. Your thoughts and feelings combine to bring forth or deliver to you the exact likeness of themselves. Everything after its own kind.

yielding seed after their kind

I know alot of writing on the Law of attraction uses the word “Universe” and that is fine, but I want to quickly define consciousness as I understand it. Consciousness is the container of creation, the womb of all created. Consciousness is everything, and in everything - it is the “Universe” and it is you. It is your thoughts, your desires, and the manifestations. Every single thing in this universe is consciousness. At its base level - at the subatomic level, ALL IS ONE SUBSTANCE.

So this law, this Law of Attraction is simply consciousness communicating with itself in various forms and at various levels, renewing itself, begetting itself, and working to bring about that which it/you desires.

There truly is nothing you can conceive of, that you cannot be, do, or have.

Projection Makes Perception, Vision Creates Reality

This is a quote from A Course In Miracles, Chapter 21 - Introduction.

Projection makes perception. The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. Therefore, to you it is important. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. Perception is a result and not a cause. And that is why order of difficulty in miracles is meaningless. Everything looked upon with vision is healed and holy. Nothing perceived without it means anything. And where there is no meaning, there is chaos.

Damnation is your judgment on yourself, and this you will project upon the world. See it as damned, and all you see is what you did to hurt the Son of God. If you behold disaster and catastrophe, you tried to crucify him. If you see holiness and hope, you joined the Will of God to set him free. There is no choice that lies between these two decisions. And you will see the witness to the choice you made, and learn from this to recognize which one you chose.

I like this quote for a couple reasons. First, it really lays it on the line regarding the reality we see. Everything we perceive outside of ourselves is a mirror to our inner state of being. Secondly, everything we choose to project outside ourselves is a choice that can be changed.

Now, keeping this in mind - take a minute to just look around you. What do you see in the world you’ve created? Conflict or Love? Blame or forgiveness? Abundance or lack? Joy or suffering? How much joy & abundance have you created for yourself?

If every instance of suffering we observe outside ourselves is in fact an image of our inner state of suffering - WOW, it appears I still have much work to do!!

My first question then is how do I get rid of it and project a state of peace and joy instead? How can I control my thoughts, take dominion over them and release myself from this world of poverty, hunger, sorrow, and suffering? I want to live in a world of fullness, abundance, joy, and love - so what are the steps necessary to get from where I am now to where I desire to be?

According to the text in the next section of this chapter, it is VISION. Vision is our salvation. When we reject our bodily perceptions and turn within the mind to Vision, we stop the cycle of projection and begin to create from our desires.

This is no easy step, it requires control of our thoughts. To see a situation bodily with physical sight is usually persuasive enough to be considered “Truth” and accepted as fact. When we begin to understand the process of Intentional Manifestation we see there is another way. We realize that what we see with our eyes is the past thoughts of the mind, it isn’t happening NOW, it is a past thought made manifest - so the ONLY way to change it is to think different thoughts NOW. If you see a overdrawn bank account now, know it’s cause is a past thought of LACK. Now think abundance. In this moment you have all the power in the universe to change anything and everything in your life. You hold that power in your thoughts.

Vision is the opposite of Sight. While sight relies on your eyes to perceive the past thoughts you’ve manifested, Vision is the process of perceiving what you desire NOW (which will play out as a future manifestation outside yourself). This is you intentionally imagining or envisioning your future as you desire it NOW.

Our thoughts are images, and when held within the mind with belief - they become our reality.

Everyday, decide to EnVision the person you wish to be, the world you want to live in, and the experiences you wish to have and then make it so.

My Ego Is My Friend

as posted Feb/2008

My ego is my friend because without it there is no thought, no thought process, no formed belief, and no desire. All of these things work together to create what I perceive as reality - NOW.

Outside of thought there is only KNOWING, this is the God State.

For some reason my ego doesn’t yet understand, the God State chose to become the ego mind, to create through a system of belief, thought, emotion, and perception a physical reality in which to experience.

I (this identity and thought machine) will never KNOW why, but I can discover the system which underlies this holographic reality I perceive. I can understand and acknowledge that all I think I know is not true and open this mind to every possibility.

As long as I am this ego with a physical structure & personal identity, perceiving an outside world - I will not be in the God State. That is ok. I can know that is my true self - beyond this illusion. I can choose what I believe, what I think, how I feel, and what I desire to experience - and when I do - I can recode it and experience anything and everything as I choose it to be.

There are two parts of ego there is the part that is self taught (back story/identity) and then there is the part that is potential (now). The difference between the two is how & what is created as reality to experience.

If we think back to the very first “memory” of ego, that is the beginning of the “story” of ourself - maybe it was feeling loved, maybe it was being reprimanded, or maybe it was feeling alone - whatever that initial thought - belief - perception - feeling was it set up the creation loop we’ve been experiencing.

this is the self taught ego - where everything is a spiral or offshoot from the initial thought. Each adding to the next to create our story.

None of which is true, it is just a story.

To tap into the potential reality - just let it all go…. knowing there was no truth in it, it was all perception - and choose to see things differently NOW.

Kill the ego - no.
Let go of what is not true - yes.

Are You Blocking Your Own Light?

Often during the manifestation process, I rely too heavily upon perception to gauge my progress. This is detrimental to the manifestation process. This reliance also happens to be one of my biggest hurdles to overcome on my path.

The reason relying upon perceptions to gauge the manifestation process is erronous is that most of us cannot see beyond the veil of our physical senses. In order to lift that veil and glimpse Truth, we must believe and have faith that Truth is made manifest even when it lies beyond our current perceptions.

We are locked into our physical senses, and only “See” or KNOW what we allow through our veil of perception. This SEEING of what we define as our REALITY is often even further refined and limited by our belief systems, our past, and our judgements. So, only a tiny fraction of all that is possible (TRUTH) is ever made manifest in our awareness, and we remain blind.

Perception is not Truth. We can believe it is, but this is in itself an erronous perception. Perception is simply that which we allow into our awareness, what we choose to see, to believe, or to experience.

In a very real sense, we block our own light, we block truth.

The truth is always the same. Perceptions change. Often we don’t see TRUTH simply because our attention is so focused upon our perceptions of the situation. When we take our eyes off of the prize, and stop focusing on our desires, we can only see through our filtered perception of TRUTH and we block our manifestations from entering into our physical awareness.

Seeing truth means knowing not only that there is more than one way down a mountain, it means KNOWING that ALL paths lead down the mountain. The truth doesn’t lie in anything you perceive, it lies in your desire, and it lies in your DECISION to be, do, or have that which you desire.

This is YOUR DREAM, fear not - all paths lead to your desires.

The Law of Attraction - What are you offering the universe?

as originally posted:  April 3, 2007

When I first discovered and began learning about the Law of Attraction the most difficult thing for me to accept was that I could have anything I asked for. This idea was so contrary to the messages I’d learned in childhood, through my family, friends, from T.V., at school, and from the world, that I couldn’t grasp nor really wrap my mind around the simpicity of the Principle.

What I’ve learned since then is that not only can I have anything I ask, I can have everything I desire.

It is stated in the DVD “The Secret” that Love is the strongest force in the universe.

I agree, with this addition to their statement: Unconditional Love is the strongest power in the universe. Love, as it plays out in most of our lives and how it is portrayed in movies and books, isn’t unconditional love. It is very conditional and really isn’t LOVE at all. It is physical attraction, lust, need, want, and a variety of other descriptive terms which rely on ego based emotion and upon our need to feel “Special”.

Unconditional love, on the other hand, is not based in need, want, or specialness - Unconditional love is extension, or creation, if you like. This extension of energy is without judgement or opinion, it simply is. This is the force behind the Law of Attraction. Love offers EVERYTHING to EVERYONE EQUALLY, FOREVER.

If it were denied to anyone at anytime for any reason, if it were witheld, or judged at all, it would cease to be pure unconditional love.

Nothing is held back from us, as it cannot be held back, the power being what it is. Everything we desire, everything we ask for is given - without hesitation or judgement. The reason the manifestations are not immediate and seem to take a long time, or are never observed at all, is because we do not ALLOW it to come to us.

We always can choose to receive or not to receive. The oddest thing about blocking our manifestations is that we don’t do it purposely, yet we cannot stop doing it.

Each time we hold back from receiving through our thought offerings, we ask a substitute to take its place. We may desire unlimited income, and it is there waiting for us to allow it, yet our thought offerings are of need, lack and poverty - so instead of accepting what has been so lovingly bestowed, we choose to substitute poverty and lack instead. We may desire world peace, but if our thought offerings are of revenge and violence, we are choosing to substitute revenge and war for the peace which is there waiting for us.

This is why it is so important to observe our thoughts, if we are not offering thoughts which align with our desires, we will block our manifestations and by so doing - choose a substitute instead.

YOU Are A Manifesting Machine

originally posted:  September 27, 2007

You are a manifesting machine. You manifest your reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You already do it, you’ve been doing it all along, and you will continue to do it as long as you are in a body.

You cannot stop doing it, it is a “System” set in place at the beginning and will not cease to operate so long as we are experiencing life in this realm.

The one thing you can do, you should do, and I hope you will do is learn how to make this “System” work for you rather than against you.

How The System Works
Our thoughts are images which we have learned to associate with words. Every thought is an image. The images in our mind either perpetuate or create experiences.

These images can be a memories or visions of a yet unexperienced but desired state, but it is still an image in your mind. This is then impressed upon the subconscious which then goes to work manifesting it into physical form.

Each image in your mind is stored in the brain (database). It is stored here by what is referred to in NEW THOUGHT as the Ego Mind. The Ego mind is the part of your brain which is both the database and the operator of it.

When an image is stored it is associated with an experience (sensory), an emotion, or both and when all are combined it forms a BELIEF about this experience. Anytime we have a new experience, the brain runs it through this database (filter) to find any other experiences which are similar. It pulls this information and this new experience is FILTERED through the BELIEF (past experience, past sesory perceptions, and formed beliefs). The brain rarely contemplates if these held beliefs are true or not, it just calls them up and uses them as a filter for perception.

At this point then only that which aligns with this past experience & BELIEF is allowed into our awareness (perception).

Everything else is blocked from our awareness. We only see, hear, feel, taste, smell and experience those things which make it through this filter into our ego-based awareness.

So we have thoughts (mental images), which then is made manifest into reality, our brain takes what the body experiences through the physical senses and runs it through the filters (past experiences and formed beliefs), then allows only what aligns with or makes it through the filter.

Changing the System
If we desire to experience something which isn’t making it through the filter the only way to do so is to find that part of the filtering system which is preventing the experience and remove it.

How do we do this? First we must acknowledge what we believe, remember, or think which is filtering a desired state from our awareness. Then we must look at it closely and decide it we need to retain this belief, this memory, this judgement of a past experience or thought. If not, we simply acknowledge it isn’t true and replace it with a truth we desire to hold instead.

Entering Present Moment Awareness

The Past……

Isn’t real.

Sure, it feels real - you believe you have memories of horrible things…. but if you look really really closely at it, there is absolutely no way to prove it ever happened - other than your memory of it.

Memories are unreliable at best. Even if it really happened, it is unlikely it happened exactly as you remember it happening - and - the event was perceived subjectively - there is absolutely NO objective perceptions.

Once you can except that maybe it didn’t happen exactly as you recall it happening, or maybe it never really happened at all, or if you can even get to a point of saying… “I accept this is how I believe it happened”

then let it go. Like blowing out a candle flame, it just ceases to be, ceases to have effect.

The longer you think about it, the longer you relive it, the longer you talk it to death - the more belief you’ve invested, the more real you’ve made it for yourself NOW. Just accept that you believe it occurred - it isn’t occurring now, it has no effect unless you decide it does.

Change Your Attitude And Change Your Life

The Chant Of The PD Guru’s
Many Personal Development Guru’s chant this mantra unceasingly, yet if this were a straightforward or easy process, well - none of us would have a negative attitude about anything. While most of us have heard this maxim, and probably agree with it in principle, simply comprehending it isn‘t enough. In order to bring about positive change in your life, it must be applied. The first step in changing an attitude is in taking responsibility for it, We must first become accountable to create any real or lasting changes in our reality.

In the following article I look a bit deeper at the source and development of our attitudes and offer tips on how to identify and change them

What Is An Attitude?
An attitude is a mental position we adopt regarding thoughts, ideas, people, feelings, or ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors combine to produce our attitudes.

The Truth About Your Attitude
You can only adopt an attitude about something you’ve judged. Attitudes require a judgment to be placed on a certain thought, person, idea, or thing. We judge according to our beliefs, which are basically the inner truths we’ve formed through perception and experience. Every situation and person we encounter is JUDGED mercilessly, based upon these inner beliefs. Is he/she good or bad? Is it right or wrong? Are they LESS than I am or MORE? Do they love me enough? Are their comments favorable or unfavorable to my truths? Is someone treating me well or not? Each judgment then leads to thoughts, which lead to feelings, which lead to outward behaviors; thus is born an attitude.

The Self Serving Nature of Judgment
Most beliefs are based upon a self preserving premise, so most judgments are self-serving. The ego’s role is to preserve the being it resides in (you), and anything judged to be a threat to the well being of YOU is perceived to be BAD, WRONG, HURTFUL, or EVIL. When we think about people, situations, or ideas in this way, it can only lead to feelings against them and behaviors or actions to preserve our “Rightness”, this attitude is made not because of another person or situation outside our self, but because of what is happening within ourselves.

The Game of Perception
It’s a game of association revolving around perception. If someone or something is helpful or useful, we adopt a good accepting attitude. If something is perceived as threatening, then those thoughts create feelings which create certain behaviors; thus a “negative attitude” is adopted. We each have our own unique set of attitudes based upon our past experiences, thoughts, social conditioning, and perceptions. All attitude is dependent upon the past experiences of the individual who holds it.

Taking Inventory
Our attitudes aren’t wrong or right, they just are. Most are developed without conscious thought, so, in order to change an attitude, we must first take a mental inventory of those we hold. We cannot change anything without first recognizing it within ourselves.

Notice your reactions to people and events in your life. Each time you notice your attitude, try to discover why you hold to that attitude. Do you feel threatened? Do you feel “Wronged” by another? Don’t be misled into believing anyone can cause you to have an attitude or to feel a certain way, it all lies within your own mind, hidden in your beliefs and judgments.

Below are Five Tips For Identifying and Changing A Negative Attitude

1. Try to observe contrast rather than judge - When we judge, we do so out of a need to preserve our “Rightness”. If we can forgo the need to be right, and allow ourselves to just observe the contrast, we can suspend the need to judge.

2. Know what pushes your buttons - Try to notice negative feelings and what gives rise to them. Follow those feelings back to the inner beliefs which produced them. We feel angry when we hold beliefs and expectations that we feel are under attack or intruded upon. Remind yourself that although this is how the Ego was designed to function (self preservation), it has become too rigid in it’s functioning and prevents you from realizing inner peace.

3. Learning to let go - When we release ourselves from expectations and rigid belief systems, we free ourselves to adopt a more balanced and positive attitude. Remind yourself that your beliefs and thoughts are not the thoughts and beliefs of others. Nobody has to be “Wrong“, for you to be “Right”. Everyone has there own inner belief system and inner truths. We do not have to accept another’s thoughts, beliefs, or feelings as our own, we simply have to respect their right to have them.

4. Count to ten - Don’t be quick to respond or give an attitude. Get out of the habit of reacting to other people and situations. Attitude is a choice, and when we take a bit of time to think, to consider the source of our thoughts, and to delay our reactions; our attitudes can evolve and change.

5. Realize it is a choice - Your thoughts and feelings are your own. You must take responsibility for them and for everything they create. Rather than shifting blame onto others or outside of self, try to dig deeper into your own belief systems and change the underlying cause.